Face Masks Disposable 4 Layers Face Masks Disposable Dustproof Mask


Non-woven fiber fabric, comfortable and breathable, soft and skin-friendly, 4 Layers Extra protection.


*Bacterial filtration efficiency (BEF) >98.7% 

*Sub-micron particulate efficiency >95% 

*Resistant to penetration by synthetic blood @80 mm Hg 

*Nifferential Pressure <4.0mm H20/cm 

*Flame Spread Class 1 These masks should be disposed of after each use.


* No water leak out

* Elastic ear bands - comfortable, not easy to break

* Skin Friendly, Non - woven fabric

* Easy to breathe

* Strong 4 layers (Extra Protect)


These masks contain an aluminum nose piece and should be stored in a cool dry place, 


Buyer can check one single sample when collected in KT6 area.    


Bulk order available, Bulk price upon request.


50 pcs 4 Layers Disposable Face Masks

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